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  • Google’s “UGC” and “Sponsored” Ref Tags – Yikes!

    Google announced two new link attributes today: ‘UGC’ (user-generated content) and ‘Sponsored’, along with their 15-year-old ‘nofollow’ parameter. This is an SEO game changer, watershed moment, a sweeping change…! No, I highly doubt it. In fact, I’d bet that these new attributes are totally meaningless and the same exact weight as any other nofollow backlink. […]

  • What You Need To Know About HIPPA Complaint Websites

    Is your website HIPPA Compliant? Hopefully if you are reading this you are already familiar with what HIPPA compliancy means and how important it is from both a security and privacy standpoint to maintain these strict guidelines. With the rise of HIPPA litigation it’s never been more important to pay attention to a subject that […]

  • Technical SEO Factors for 2019

    What You Need To Know About HIPPA Complaint Websites There are 5 key areas of concern when considering your SEO goals for 2019. While improving results by adjusting your strategies towards any one of them will yield good outcomes, to really display the full potential it is important to pay attention to all of them […]

  • The Correlation Between Beyonce and the Americans With Disabilities Act

    Most everyone has heard of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This Act is a set of standards that makes it possible for people with disabilities to function and live their life a close to normal as it can be considering their disability. You have heard of ADA when it comes to building codes including […]

  • Email marketing trends that will boost your business in 2019

    Email Marketing Trends for 2019 In the list of leading marketing channels, email marketing will always rule in both performance and results. The most recent studies have demonstrated the prowess of the channel and provided us with the emerging trends of this industry. Here are the trends to watch in 2019: Automated segmentation and targeting […]

  • How Shopify Sites Can Benefit from the Most Recent Instagram Stories Update

    Since the launch of their new product sticker feature, Instagram has greatly improved the functionality of their ‘Stories’ system. The new update enables Shopify merchants to use the Instagram Sales Channel to help their customers discover, shop, or buy new products all through Instagram. Business can now use Instagram Stories to keep their loyal followers […]