Social Media Management

Directly connect to your target customers through our proven social media management tactics. Solving problems, building brands, and nurturing the relationship with your customers. That’s how we do it.

Social Media Growth Management

We manage social media presences for businesses using the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Livestreaming
  • Pinterest

Every business can leverage the power of social media in creative ways to attract new customers while keeping existing clients satisfied. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow businesses to create a page that allows for communication and connectivity. Large international brands and local businesses alike use social media to boost awareness of new products and services to their communities.

Paid Ad Management Services

Audience Analysis

We analyze your current and ideal audiences and create targeted campaigns directed towards them.

Connect & Communicate

Use social media networks to build a community of loyal customers around your business and spread your reach exponentially.

Build Trust

Over 80% of people in the United States have a social media profile. Social media activity is essential for businesses to build trust and reputation in their communities.

Build Trust & Reputation in your Community

Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram are used by all kinds of businesses to show off their best qualities. Show the world how awesome you are and create a visual journal and timeline of your business. The tech-savvy public views businesses that use social media as more trustworthy and authoritative in their communities.


  • Post pictures and videos
  • Run contests
  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Promote sales and updates
  • Connect with your community

The rise of Social Media has presented marketers with an array of tools that they can use to Communicate and Deliver value to customers.
Some of these functions are explained below.


Never before have companies been so connected with their customers and potential customers. Social networks are, in essence, communities of individuals who organize themselves into groups of shared traits. Marketers today utilize these networks in order to watch the pulse of the market and create a community that allows for interaction between supporters of the brand and the brand itself. These interconnected networks provide companies with valuable information and constant feedback.


Going along with Community Management, social networks are an outlet for customer support and feedback. When issues are resolved in a public space such as a Twitter page, this is looked upon favorably and adds to the good reputation and transparency of a company. Web companies are expected to respond within a short period of time, this makes them accessible and flexible and customers view this favorably.


On the Internet everything is permanent and a company’s reputation can be ruined in one night by a few words. Because of the interconnected nature of social networks, news travels fast and bad news travels like lightning.

Companies who do business on the Internet must be aware of everything that is being said about them and respond to comments being made about them in a timely manner with either affirmation or defense.


Social networks are contributors to the relevance factor of search engine rankings. The more people that are liking, sharing, tweeting and hashtagging about a certain brand or product, that particular word or phrase will be given more weight in the search algorithm and potentially lead to conversions. Increased social media activity will be an asset to your company’s SEO strategy.


Social Media has made it extremely easy for companies to communicate with their customers in real-time. Social networks such as Twitter provide a two-way communication channel between brands and people allowing them to interact in the same way that a person would interact with another person. This allows and encourages companies to have a personality that consumers can identify with. For example, Taco Bell’s Twitter account regularly tweets jokes back and forth with famous actors and musicians.


Social media has created new outlets for companies to advertise in. Facebook is one of the biggest purveyors of Pay Per Click Ads where you can set a budget from $5 to thousands of dollars and target very specific groups of people (for example, women aged 18 to 25 who like Electronic Music in Jacksonville). Besides Pay Per Click Ads, a social media page is basically like an online journal in which companies can keep customers up to date with all of their latest products and sales.


Social Media now allows customers to connect with each other while they are in the purchasing process. Companies such as eBay and Amazon show you other items that were bought by previous customers who had bought the same item. This social component ads a whole new layer to the shopping experience and can introduce customers to products and services that they were previously unaware of. Many online stores are integrated with Facebook and will show you when your friends have bought or liked the same product that you’re are looking at. Social influences increase buying behavior.


Social Media interactions provide companies with extremely valuable data about the demographics and preferences of their customers. It is now possible for a company to measure the impact of new products, ad campaigns and public events in real-time. It has never been easier to measure the sentiment that consumers have about a new product or process. This data can also be used to find who your biggest and most loyal customers are and target them in unique ways.


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