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  • Meta Doesn’t Recommend Their Official WordPress Plugin for Conversion API (CAPI)

    Last month we spoke to multiple Meta representatives that reached out to our team regarding several ad accounts we manage concerning Facebook’s Conversion API integration. Like many, we were under the assumption that Facebook’s Official plugin, “Meta pixel for WordPress,” supports CAPI. In fact, the plugin description even claims it does by saying: “This plugin […]

  • How To Create The Right Call To Action For Your Website

    Some common calls to action sound like: “Click here,” “free download,” “subscribe,” “buy now,” and so on. I could go on almost infinitely with other examples of CTAs that are still overused daily and that, in many cases, are far from achieving their purpose of attraction. Along the same lines, using copy that the reader […]

  • The Google Voice Verification Scam – Protect Yourself When Selling Online!

    When selling items online through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you need to be aware of this common scam. In this case, scammers are attempting to hijack your personal cell phone number and link it to their Google Voice account so that they can make calls from a USA-based number. This scam is complex because the […]

  • Press Release Distribution: How To Do It Right

    It is undeniable. Small businesses need press coverage. Customers need to be informed about your company, products, services, and news developments. Press coverage also plays a vital role in boosting your brand awareness. However, press releases are useless if they don’t reach their audience. That is why we have press release distribution. This article will […]

  • How To Improve Your Conversion Rates With A/B Split Testing

    What is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of measuring the performance of a website and adjusting it to make it more effective. So, what does CRO involve exactly? There are a few steps to CRO which can be broken down into three main tasks. 1) Start by identifying your goal on […]

  • Track File Downloads In Google Analytics 4 With Custom Events

    A lot of marketers get a bit overwhelmed when trying to migrate their current workflow from Universal GA to the new Google Analytics 4, especially when it comes to custom tracking and custom events. With GA3, event tracking was pretty simple and straightforward, however, GA4 is more open-ended while lacking a lot of official documentation. […]

  • Create Quick & Free eCommerce Popups With Google Tag Manager

    This is part one of our series on using Google Tag Manager to boost sales and conversions for eCommerce stores. To start, we’ll be touching on several uses of popups that can be quickly made with Tag Manager without bulky plugins, addons, or services. This quickstart guide will assume that you’re somewhat familiar with Google […]

  • eCommerce Fraud Analysis & Prevention Strategies – 2021 Case Study

      eCommerce fraud is something that most stores have dealt with and will continue to deal with for the foreseeable future. eCommerce fraud, sometimes called eCommerce carding, is a war between vendors and criminals, with each side creating and utilizing more advanced and sophisticated techniques each day. This case study will take a closer look […]