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  • Multi-Step Checkout Benefits Over Single Page in eCommerce – Case Study

    Using a multi-step or single-page checkout is often a hot debate in the eCommerce field. Many marketers claim a single page checkout cultivates the purchasing process onto a single page without too much distraction and limiting user page interactions. However, proponents of the multi-step are insistent that making the purchasing process “look” and “seem” as […]

  • Conducting Competitive Analysis for your Business

    It is important to research your business competitors as it helps create an understanding of the knowledge of the industry trends and the knowledge to compete with competitors in your campaigns or standing toe to toe with them. To make sure that your business is successful is to dig deeper into the competitive analysis. The […]

  • SEO Standards

    When it comes to the success of a website, search engine standards and practices are parts of many factors that will increase search engine rankings. The most common search engine practices are on-site optimization, keyword researching, and building backlinks. There are thousands of ways to practice search engine optimization to improve your site. Search engine […]

  • 4 Ways to Increase Audience Engagements

    One of the most important things for digital marketing is to increase engagement with website visitors. Audience engagement has been around for decades but in the current digital age, it has become far more important to converting sales. In a time of overconsumption of social media via mobile devices, its easy to become over-saturated with […]

  • Apple Search Engine – Oh the Possibilities!

    Google Search vs. Apple Search? Google certainly needs some competition in the search engine market. Rumors about development of an Apple search engine have been circling around for years, even before Apple officially confirmed the existence of their “Applebot” crawler back in 2015. Siri Search & Knowledge According to an article by Tim Bradshaw and […]

  • 8 Things to Remember When Optimizing Your Website

    Tips for Optimizing Your Website Search Engine Optimization can be overwhelming at times. There’s a lot of techniques and strategies to remember, which remembering can be a job in itself. To help our readers, we came up with a list of things to remember when optimizing your website. Ranking high doesn’t exactly mean more traffic […]

  • How to Improve Your Google Ads Impression Share

    This week’s blog is about how to improve your Google Ads Impression Share. In order to increase your impression share and visibility in search engine results, your Google Ads have to appear more often or in more places. We are sharing a few tips on how to accomplish this. Quick Review of Google’s Impression Share […]

  • Your 2020 Holiday Shopping Campaigns & Google Performance Planner

    With the 2020 holiday season quickly approaching, Google was right on time when they extended the Performance Planner to include Google Shopping campaigns. Google’s Performance Planner helps us plan Ad budgets more accordingly. Now with the ability to plan and forecast your Shopping and Smart Shopping campaign(s), you can plan with ease! Features of Google […]

  • The Copious Benefits of Website Redesign and Search Engine Optimization

    It’s true. Having your website redesigned can be costly. It’s also true that having Search Engine Optimization on your site can be expensive. But the benefits of search engine optimization and in turn, website redesign, truly outweigh the costs – especially if you want your business to compete (or defeat, for that matter!) any competitor, […]