8 Things to Remember when Optimizing Your Website

Oct 16, 2020

1.) Ranking #1 doesn’t always mean more traffic due to ads and snippets available at the very top of the first search engine result page. People aren’t going to pay for ads on 2nd and 3rd search engine result pages simply because who really visits those pages when buying online? Maybe for research projects, but not when they want to find a service or product to purchase.

2.) Focus on optimizing your website’s content for your visitors, not search engine robots. Instead of focusing on just being #1 in SERPs, focus on maximizing your Click Through Rate (CTR) and reducing your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Read our blog about How to Reduce Your Online Marketing Campaign’s Cost Per Acquisition here.

3.) Do A/B Testing of your site’s optimized pages and optimized social media posts.

4.) Don’t keyword stuff your site’s content. If your optimized content doesn’t read well when you’re writing the content, then the customer won’t be able to read it well either forcing the customer to leave (hence: bounce rate) and possibly go to your competitor. There goes a possible sale because you were optimizing for search engines, not people.

5.) Search Engines are becoming more and more intuitive as the internet evolves, so your content seriously needs to be relevant and useful to your audience. It doesn’t have to be optimized for any one specific keyword, as long as it’s relevant to the page.

Pro Tip: use a thesaurus, but remember to keep the content understandable

6.) The products, services, and content on your website should be easy to find, easy to read, and solve customer’s questions or problems which will create an even better user experience.

7.) Know that if your site only has 3 pages, that’s totally okay. Don’t think your website has to have a ton of pages just to get your message across. Google doesn’t rate the quality of a website as a whole, just each individual page is evaluated. Why? For relevance and usability.

8.) Focus focus focus on creating quality, relevant, useful content that can actually help someone visiting your site.


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