Email marketing trends that will boost your business in 2019

Oct 25, 2019 | Marketing

Email Marketing Trends for 2019

In the list of leading marketing channels, email marketing will always rule in both performance and results. The most recent studies have demonstrated the prowess of the channel and provided us with the emerging trends of this industry. Here are the trends to watch in 2019:

Automated segmentation and targeting

The amount of business owners and marketing agencies using email marketing has been steadily increasing. That means that their returns are on a rise and that the process of segmenting and targeting contacts is becoming more intricate. People are using smarter and more intricate strategies to increase their profits. Segmented and targeted emails, according to HubSpot, account for around 58 percent of earnings. Through segmenting and targeting, business experts are seeing huge increases in their profits, somewhere up to 18 times.

The statistics show that marketers are more likely to start relying on the practices more than ever. Even more, automated of segmenting and targeting in email marketing is increasing. Marketers want to send their email messages to individuals who can engage with them and find value in them. Here’s a quick example: if someone fails to open your emails for a long time, the last thing you should do is send him/her more messages. Automated segmentation and targeting should help you achieve that.

More text-only and more interactive emails

As I have already said, email segmentation and targeting are looking to be THE trend that will affect email marketing in 2019. The formatting and design of email messages is also likely to change. For many years, people have developed sales and promotion oriented messages full of graphics, but now, they will opt for interactive and plain text emails.

The last thing a marketer wants is for their customer to identify his emails as spam. Experts suggest that plain text emails are better than HTML style emails full of graphics because someone can easily forward such a message to a friend or family member. To keep your audiences anticipating more content and be entertained, you should go for interactive emails that engage customers through surveys, quizzes, GIFS and games.

More storytelling in emails

Plain text and interactive content not only provides value but increases engagement for the audience. Moreover, the use of storytelling is more effective in grabbing the attention of viewers and influencing the behaviours. An email-marketing message that boasts a story, the offered product, news and the offered services at the start are more influential when delivered to the right audience.

Use of artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is among the email marketing trends to watch out in 2019. AI strengthens and personalizes email-marketing strategies. With AI, marketers can develop effective images and subject lines to predict the effects of your email. Adobe has already developed AI technology that they will introduce to marketers. What exactly this AI does and its implications are on a case-by-case study.

Email personalization

Data protection is vital. Therefore, customized email content has become more popular, and as the need for intelligent strategies increases, marketers opt for automated emails. Such emails include the first name of the customer in the first, second or third paragraph of the email. You can rely on the behavior or personality of your customers when personalizing emails.

Increased respect for customer privacy

Regulations in most countries are changing. You are likely to encounter more strict privacy policies in 2019. Change of privacy policies will have a significant effect on collecting and sharing of any third party information. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took official effect in May 2018.

Increase in mobile-friendly messages

Another aspect of great email marketing strategies includes the optimization of email messages to match the needs of mobile devices users. Statistics show that people start by reading an email message on their mobile device before proceeding to a personal computer. Actually, 53 percent of emails are opened through mobile devices and only 23 percent are opened again through a computer. The number of Gmail users stands at 900 million and 75 percent of them only use mobile devices.

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