4 Ways to Increase Audience Engagements

Nov 6, 2020

One of the most important things for digital marketing is to increase engagement with website visitors. Audience engagement has been around for decades but in the current digital age, it has become far more important to converting sales. In a time of overconsumption of social media via mobile devices, its easy to become over-saturated with content from websites.

A study by Google found that 90% of users that start a task will switch between multiple devices like from a smartphone to a desktop. Its important to have successful engagements to gather contact information and build a long-lasting customer relationship. Good audience engagement also ensures the user won’t pass over your website and move to another one.

Here are 4 ways to improve your audience engagement:

#1: Add Visuals to Your Web Content

When it comes to creating content on your website or social media platform, visuals are an important feature to consider. Posts with images are twice as likely to increase engagements and videos are twelve times more likely to increase engagements. A picture speaks a thousand words so let them talk! It’s important to choose high-quality visuals, too, considering over 46% of consumers think that the elements of a website’s visuals determine the credibility of the site. Also focus on creating shorter posts, because not everyone has a lot of time to read.

#2: Link to Your Website

To link your website to your content will have a dramatic increase in engagement on your website. A study shows that simply linking your website can lead to a 92% higher chance of engagements. Linking back to your business website is a far more important than posting quotes or words of wisdom on Twitter or Facebook.

#3: Respond to Customer / Audience Engagement Attempts

When your audience sees that your engaging with them, they’re more likely to return to your website in the future. When it comes to dealing with negative comments on your blog, social media, or search engine listing, its important to not worry so much about the negative comments. We all know its impossible to please everyone all the time, so conversing with your audience can nurture the relationship with the users who do support what you offer. Always remember, use your manners and be polite when you respond to their comments.

#4: Comment on Others’ Blog or Social Media Posts

A huge part of audience engagement is networking with other sites and building a rapport with them. A way of doing this is by leaving helpful comments on blogs that are in and outside your circle. Bonus! Doing this will also build and improve your web presence which increases your online visibility. This can have a great impact since your audience engagements in these forums, communities, and social sites are where most of your target audience is located.

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