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Mar 4, 2020 | Marketing

Your online reputation is the image that is portrayed of you on the internet. Online reputation management is about improving or restoring your brand’s good standing. At Custom Design Partners we can accomplish this by countering and weakening the negative materials that are found throughout the internet, pushing more positive material to improve your credibility and customers’ trust.

Research and Analysis

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Before we start the online reputation management process, we have to determine the current state of your online reputation. We will conduct research audit so we know what appears about the specific keywords when people are searching your brand. Under this service, we will set up a natural link network that will direct traffic to positive links. 


Backlinks can make a huge impact on your search ranking. Backlinks can come from a number of different sources including social media and websites. We will link different sources to your website, this will show Google that your website is credible. This way we can promote positive links and move traffic away from negative ones.

SMO Profile Creation and Optimization

We will set up social media accounts i.e. Alignable, Foursquare, Yelp, Crunchbase, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yellowpages, Glassdoor, Bizjournals, Reddit, etc. We can optimize your accounts with page updates, joining groups, and participating in discussions. We will customize your social network accounts with specific keywords in accordance with your branding initiative.

Content Generation

We provide on-page and off-page content creation such as articles, blog articles, and most importantly press releases. Content like this is optimized with backlinks, anchor texts, and keyword usage. Users like valuable content and because of this Google put heavy weight on content in their algorithm. The more useful the content that is presented, the higher your these pages will rank on Google and the better your reputation will be.


How do you fix my Google search results?

It’s about pushing up the good content to push out the bad content. The top of the first page on Google has the biggest impact on your reputation. More than 92% of searchers never go beyond the first page while less than 2% never go past page two. To fight negative items on the first page, we create high-quality, positive content. As this material goes up the negative materials get buried. 

How do you determine how long this will take?

Google uses longevity of interest to determine the importance of a particular website. In designing an effective engagement we need to factor in the amount of time needed to produce the desired results and the amount of time needed to convince Google that the desired results are relevant over the long term. This is why we typically aim for 12-month engagements. 

People click items near the top of the search results page, increasing organic traffic to those websites. Unwanted sites that have been pushed down for months see a drop in traffic that reinforces their new position on lower pages.

Can we accelerate the process?

In some cases, we can produce results more quickly through an aggressive approach with our proprietary technologies. However, if done too quickly the promotions look suspicious to Google and can backfire. Our timeline has been designed specific to each customer for the best balance between cost and impact.

How are costs calculated?

There are a number of factors that are involved when it comes to calculating cost. We look at all the factors influencing the search results, the authority of individual domains and links, the traffic pattern, the longevity of search results, how competitive the keyword search term is, etc. With these factors we get a baseline estimate for what it will cost to solve the issue.

We spend a significant amount of time coming up with the right strategy for each individual client.

Can Custom Design Partners delete negative search results?

In short, no we cannot delete content. 

It is extremely difficult and costly to remove content and requires numerous legal channels. To make things worse, legal efforts often draw more attention to the initial issue. The best option is to build positive content to outrank any negative content.


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Alexander Hatala

Alexander Hatala

Co-founder Custom Design Partners

Alexander Hatala is the co-Founder at Custom Design Partners. He specializes in e-Commerce operations, performance marketing strategies, and behavioral analytics.


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