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Safeguard Your Presence with Knowledge Panels

It’s well known just how crucial it is to control your name, brand, or company’s online identity. It could be potential clients, could-be investors, customers, employers, or nosey neighbors- in these days it’s safe to assume just about anyone you deal with is searching for you.

The Google Knowledge Panel IS NOT:

  • Just for famous and well-known brands
  • Traditional ORM (online reputation management)
  • For Google approved only names and companies only
  • Magically appears based on search optimization 

 A Google Knowledge Panel is single-handedly the most effective method you have to control your digital brand or identity. The Knowledge Panel is often the most underutilized due to many misconceptions and misinformation.


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KP Leads

“I have a Knowledge Panel, and I’m not even well-known in my neighborhood!”


Being able to own and control the top 25-35% ‘real-estate’ of your online search results, especially when mobile-first is crucial. You can carefuly curate and show hand-picked information, articles, and social platforms related to yourself or business.

Case and point: I consider myself a ‘nobody’ and built my personal knowledge panel, displaying a chosen biography snippet, official website, specific images, and more.

I wasn’t on the news. I don’t have a Wikipedia page. I wasn’t featured on Forbes. And you don’t have to be either.

Creating and triggering a knowledge panel simply requires knowledge and the experience of understanding how knowledge graph structures and NLP (natural language processing) works. The process still remains somewhat unknown to even most major reputation, SEO, and digital PR management firms, and so our team decided to specialize in Knowledge Panels full-time.

The Knowledge Panel is More Than Just Google

‘Hey Siri who is…’

Take full control of Apple’s iOS knowledge graph such as Siri Knowledge.

More than half of adult (52%) Americans use voice search when researching a business or entity. Don’t make the mistake of being absent from one of the largest voice search platforms that exist: Siri.

Our team understands how Apple’s Knowledge Graph AI works and how to build it effectively for search queries such as “Who is..” “What does..” and many other voice commands. 

A mistake we see too often with the traditional online reputation management services, among many other things, is neglecting second tier search platforms, especially voice.

Bing – Still a Power Player

 Microsoft’s Bing search is still the 2nd most popular search engine next to Google. It has its own knowledge graph learning system and its own unique knowledge panels.

Even if only 10% of all relevant searches are from Bing, that could result in a large number of monthly searches, and a large number of users finding results that are inconsistent with your brand or identity.

Our team understand’s Bing’s knowledge graph learning system. We will make sure you control all potential sources of online properties and searches.


Knowledge Panel Optimization


Knowledge Panel Gigs

You can likely trigger, if you haven’t already, a knowledge panel for your brand or name. There are services on gig websites (and of course, we’re talking about & It’s relatively easy to trigger a Knowledge Panel, simple enough that we can show you how now:

  1. Purchase a featured article from a blog site written about yourself or your brand (cost: $45)
  2.  Purchase a press release describing your brand (cost: $30)
  3. Connect and link all your socials profiles together.

Complete the above steps and you probably will end up triggering a Knowledge Panel. But- if you take your business, your services, or your image seriously, you wouldn’t want to risk potentially permanently self-damaging your digital appearance.

Accidental self-sabatoge is the reason why our team gets so many requests to “clean up” their Knowledge Panel caused by a messy job of a previous freelancer.

Control your brand, company, organization, or services.

We can create a knowledge panel for just about anything that exists online. Connect your brand knowledge panel with your personal panel to secure your most valuable digital real estate. 

Our team likes to call ourselves the knowledge graph experts. Get in touch and find out why!

Give us a call or message and we’d love to take a look- no strings attached!

Our team is so confident in the realm of knowledge panels, we offer a 100% refund garauntee. Additionally, we will also take a look at just exactly what you need for free to ensure we can deliver what we say we will. We currently have a 99% success rate and would enjoy keeping it that way!

 The Knowledge Graph & Panel Explained

 It’s been several years since Google released an updated version of the Knowledge Panel functionality which enabled ‘newer’ or ‘unknown’ creators and brands to build their own knowledge panel. However, it still remains widely underutilized due to common misconceptions.

1. Google Knowledge Panel versus Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is the engine that runs Google’s AI-powered search suggestions and results. It’s designed to enhance the user’s search experience by providing relevant information about a search result. The Google Knowledge Panel (sometimes referred to as ‘Knowledge Card’) is the auto-generated fact-box that you often see when searching a person, place, or thing. 

2. Google My Business (GMB) Listing is not a Knowledge Panel

A Google Business listing in itself is not a Knowledge Panel. The Business Listing often supplements information from the Knowledge Graph (such as “people also searched for…”. Ultimately, Google Business listings are restricted by location, the Knowledge Panel is not. You’re brand or name results are potentially completely irrelevant in other cities, states, or countries.

3. You can’t Create a Knowledge Panel, Google Decides for Itself

This is partly true. But- Google and other search engines laid out guidelines for brands and individuals to follow if they wish to have their own panel. Most SEO companies, online reputation management agencies, and digital PR firms have yet to understand how to impliment such guidelines and close their eyes and cross their fingers. 

4. There’s a Knowledge Graph for Nearly All Search Results

Google of course being the biggest. But voice search, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, make up a large percentage of the search market currently. Each have their own Knowledge Panels that our team knows how to optimize for. If someone asks their phone: “Hey Siri, who is John Doe?”, “What does he do?”, “What does *company* do?”, it’s safe to assume you want complete control of what Mrs. Siri responds with, yes?

5. There are Minimal Benefits of having a Knowledge Panel

Being able to control and monopolize on the first 20% prime ‘real estate’ of search results for your name or brand can be the deciding factor on how someone or something percieves you. With a Knowledge Panel, not only do you have ownership of that prime real estate, but it’s big, it’s bold, and it is influential. No matter if you’re an actor, a businessman, an influencer- whatever- when someone searches your name you always want to have a great first impression. 


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